FALL 2019

This past semester, I took Human Computer Interaction. Throughout the course, I worked with a group to conduct several rounds of interviews with various user groups, run through multiple iterations of designs, and create paper, InVision, and coded prototypes. After getting to experience the process of user-centered design for myself, I learned that creativity without the proper preparation is just decoration, and tightly-defined strategy is needed to create the user experience.

Goal: Design a system that simplifies the Wellesley College course registration process for students.

Interview Questions

  1. What is your priority when registering for classes?
  2. What time/ scheduling constraints do you have during the week that would impact your class schedule?
  3. Do you prioritize the general schedule or a specific class that you would like to take?
  4. What do you dislike about the current class registration process?
  5. What do you like about the current class registration process?
  6. What potential process/feature you would like to see in the future to benefit you?
  7. On a scale of 1(easy) to 5(hard), how hard was it to plan for classes?
  8. On a scale of 1(easy) to 5(hard), how hard was it to register for classes?
  9. What tools do you use to plan your schedule? (Excel, coursicle....?)


Students that have several factors to consider while registering for classes (i.e pre-med, stem, athletes, people who switch majors, students in small departments

empathy map

Persona Analysis


Name: Wendy
Class: Freshman
Major: Intended Neuroscience Major, Pre-med track
Job: Wants to work on a UROP at MIT in the spring
Campus Life: Lives in McAfee, eats at Bates, spends most of her time in the Science Library, taking two labs her first semester, wants to go abroad, goes to office hours once a week, joined too many clubs already
Personality: Plans everything on Google Calendar, Shy, Wants to explore Boston on the weekends, Perfectionist
Classes: Two labs, first-year writing course, and history distribution requirement. She is bilingual, so she does not need a language requirement.


Name: Isabelle
Class: Junior
Major: Pre-med student, English major
Job: Studying for MCAT
Campus Life: Lives in Tower, Studying abroad in the spring, Shakespeare Society, Studies in Boston on the weekends, always on the go
Personality: Prefers a more balanced lifestyle, more laid back, has a social life, and enjoys the outdoors
Classes: Physics (to fulfill pre-med requirements), Spanish (she took lots of labs so catching up on language), BioChem (helpful for MCAT), English Literature.


Name: Amanda
Class: Senior
Major: Pre-med student, Psych Major, Chemistry minor
Job: Chemistry Lab TA and volunteers at Massachusetts General Hospital
Campus Life: On the Psychology Club E-board, Founded own organization/ club on campus, lives in the QUINT, eats at lulu, often found at the gym, makes time for friends in the form of study dates
Personality: Extroverted, friendly, driven
Classes: Physical Chemistry (300), Abnormal Psychology, Criminology(for SBA distribution), Art History 100 (Arts distribution)

Paper Prototype


Invision Prototype